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Comfortable Shapes

My sculptures, both in clay and in steel, are serial progressions working with the intersection of form and surface. Working in the tradition of the ceramic artists of the 1960's, these sculptures are deliberately non-functional. And, where the potter is concerned with what will fill the form, and how it functions, I am only interested in the interaction between shape and surface.

I work in series. The forms begin as shapes common to functional pottery. I enjoy the fact that I make things that simply represent the functional, trumping the classical image of pottery and expanding the viewer’s expectation of clay objects. Lately, I have added ambiguity to the shapes. Strict or literal representation is less interesting. Pictured here are recent works in clay.  I have finished these shapes with surfaces that invite the viewer to imagine a back story, a history. Look at the work, and enjoy the questions it evokes, enjoy the story it tells you  (The images here represent several of the shape series within this concept.)


Robert Abrams Sculpture Pillow 6

Comfotable Shape 6, 2013,  19"h


Robert Abrams Sculpture Pillow 5

Pillow #5, 2013,  20"h Pilow 1

Pillow #1, 2012,  13"h


RobertAbramsSculpture Pillow 2

Pillow #2, 2012, 5"h x 10"w


RobertAbramsSculpture Pillow #3

 Pillow #3, 2012, 6"h x 10"w



Bottle #16, 2011,  11"h


RobertAbramsSculpture Bottle #17

Bottle #17, 2012, 9"h x 4"w


RobertAbramsSculpture Bottle #19

Bottle #19, 2012, 11"h x 4"w Home #14

Home #14, 2012,   10"h


RobertAbramsSculpture Tower 2

Tower #2, 2012, 13"h x 6"w


Robert Abrams Sculpture Comfortable Shapes

Bottle #44, 2012, 10"h


Robert Abrams Sculpture Comfortable Shapes

Comfortable Shapes #47, 2012, 9"h


Robert Abrams Sculpture Comfortable Shapes

Comfortable Shape #50, 2012, 10"h